Kai S.

We were beyond impressed and happy with the service, installation, quality and price. We consulted Greenpath and Revolusun. Greenpath was really cheap but not as knowledgeable and didn't have the high return panels we were looking for. Revolusun was super expensive but you don't get a better panel. We did
Kai S.
Great job, top notch service with amazing products and value.  They not only did my home but did several of my friends homes and businesses.  Has the experience and know-how to get you through the solar jungle.  Hear of horror stories from people going with the wrong company and how
Alex C.
Photonworks put 400 panels on my warehouse. The job was so clean and efficient, i had them do my house, then my dad's house, then all my family's properties. I have referred them to many friends. I highly recommend them. They don't out source any work....all done in house.
Allen Woo
Photonworks installed 37 Panasonic HIT panels on my home. I couldn't be happier with the decision. I received quotes from 4 other companies and Photon Works was the least expensive. I chose photon works, however, because of they were one of two companies to offer a different approach to my panels,
Robert S.